• Brake Failure in a Texas Semi Truck Crash

      Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Semi trucks and other large commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and often travel at higher speeds on interstate highways. As you can imagine, it can require a substantial amount of braking power to slow down or stop such a heavy vehicle from 60 miles per hour.

      Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 27 readers -
    • Unsecured Cargo Causing Houston Trucking Accidents

      Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Cargo that falls off a tractor-trailer or a truck bed can cause serious accidents and injuries to other drivers and their passengers. If you have been seriously injured or disabled due to a vehicle such as a pickup truck or semi truck that has lost a load on the highway or from someone dropping something on the highway fro ...

      Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 26 readers -
    • Who’s Liable for Your Truck Accident? Here are Some Possibilities

      Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. After a truck accident that caused by another person, you may be wondering who you will be able to hold liable for your injuries. After all, if the accident was not your fault, you should not have to pay for any of your losses, including your medical expense, lost income, property damage, and physical and emotional pain and suffering.

      Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 23 readers -
  • Federal Proposal May Result in Speed Limiters on Large Commercial Vehicles

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. With Houston growing in population each year, the number of trucks on roads and highways will likely increase along with possible crashes due to speeding. The need for on-time deliveries by 18-wheelers and smaller delivery trucks has officials around the region concerned about traffic violations and the safety of Houston’s residents.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 7 readers -
  • How Social Media can Affect your Truck Accident Case

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Most of us grew up in a time where, for the most part, a fender-bender or a side scrape was a private occurrence between two people and the only time you would hear about an accident that didn’t involve someone you knew personally would be if it were reported by the news.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 9 readers -
  • Regulations that Texas Semi Drivers Must Follow

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Big rig accidents are treacherous and often deadly. Because these mammoth vehicles share the road with us, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates their drivers in important ways. The restrictions that the federal government places on commercial truck drivers are in place to minimize catastrophic tracto ...

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 9 readers -
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  • Roadway Lighting and Safer Semis

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Semi accidents are among the deadliest on our roads, and states are exploring different ways to reduce their frequency. One such tactic is improved roadway lighting. Only 25 percent of driving in the United States takes place at night, yet the nighttime fatality rate remains the same as the daytime rate.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 7 readers -
  • What to Do if You’ve Been in a Texas Motorcycle Accident

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous and are often catastrophic. In 2015, 40 percent of those riders in fatal accidents were not wearing a helmet, and most motorcycle accidents are a result of the other driver not seeing the motorcycle. If you ride, ride safely.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 9 readers -
  • Knowing What to Do after a Semi Crash

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Tractor trailer accidents are often catastrophic, and there really is no way to prepare yourself for the aftermath. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, seek immediate medical attention and then retain a knowledgeable 18-wheeler collision lawyer. Immediacy is key to obtaining justice in a semi accident; do not delay.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 10 readers -
  • Big Rigs, Logbooks, and Safety Risks

    Hi there, I am a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston. Drivers of big rigs, semis, commercial trucks, tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles must follow federal hours-of-service regulations by keeping logbooks that meet certain minimum standards. These logbooks are intended to keep truckers from staying on the road past the point of reasonable safety.

    Houston Personal Injury Attorney- 9 readers -
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